How To Print W3 In QuickBooks Online?
How To Print W3 In QuickBooks Online?

I. Introduction

Printing the W-3 form is an important task for businesses using QuickBooks Online to report employee wages and tax information to the Social Security Administration (SSA). The W-3 form summarizes the total wages, taxes withheld, and other relevant information from the W-2 forms. In this guide, we will provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough on how to print the W-3 form in QuickBooks Online.

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II. Preparing for W-3 Printing

  1. Verify Employee Data: Ensure that all employee information, including Social Security numbers, addresses, and wage details, is accurate and up to date in QuickBooks Online.
  2. Review Payroll Setup: Double-check that your payroll setup is complete and accurate, including tax setup and any necessary adjustments or corrections.
  3. Confirm Form Availability: Make sure you have the necessary forms and envelopes for printing the W-3 form. You can purchase pre-printed forms from authorized vendors or use blank perforated paper that is compatible with your printer.

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III. Setting Up W-3 Preferences in QuickBooks Online

Before printing the W-3 form, you need to set up the W-3 preferences in QuickBooks Online. Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online account and go to the “Payroll” or “Workers” menu.
  2. Select “Employees” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on the “Payroll Settings” tab.
  4. Under “Forms,” click on “Year-End Forms.”
  5. In the “W-3” section, click on the “Set Up” button.
  6. Review and adjust the preferences as per your requirements.
  7. Click “Done” to save the preferences.

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IV. Generating and Printing the W-3 Form

  1. Launch the W-3 Form Generation:
    • Go to the “Payroll” or “Workers” menu in QuickBooks Online.
    • Select “Employees” from the drop-down menu.
    • Click on the “Year-End Forms” tab.
  2. Select the Tax Year:
    • Choose the appropriate tax year for which you want to generate the W-3 form.
    • Click “Let’s get started” to proceed.
  3. Review Employee Data:
    • QuickBooks Online will display a list of your employees.
    • Review the employee information displayed on the screen, including Social Security numbers and addresses.
    • Make any necessary corrections or updates if required.
  4. Generate the W-3 Form:
    • Select the employees for whom you want to generate the W-3 form. You can choose to include all employees or select specific individuals.
    • Click “Continue” to proceed.
  5. Review and Edit W-3 Information:
    • In this step, you’ll review the wage and tax data for each employee.
    • Verify that the information is accurate and matches the employee’s records.
    • If any adjustments are necessary, click on the “Edit” button and make the required changes.
  6. Choose W-3 Printing Options: Select the desired printing option for the W-3 form. You have two options:
    • Print W-3 on pre-printed forms: If you have pre-printed W-3 forms, choose this option. Ensure that the forms are loaded into the printer.
    • Print W-3 on blank paper: If you are using blank perforated paper, choose this option. QuickBooks Online will print the form and employee information on the blank paper.
  7. Print the W-3 Form:
    • Review the information on the screen, including the number of copies to print and the print destination.
    • Click “Print” to start printing the W-3 form.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the printing process.

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V. Distributing and Filing the W-3 Form

  1. Separate Copies: Carefully separate the printed copies of the W-3 form, ensuring each copy is kept separately.
  2. Distribute to Appropriate Recipients:
    • Keep Copy A for your records.
    • Distribute Copy B to each employee for their personal records.
    • Mail Copy C to the Social Security Administration (SSA) along with the required transmittal form (typically Form W-3).
  3. Retain Copies: Keep copies of the W-3 form and supporting documentation for your records. These copies will be useful for tax filing and future reference.

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VI. Conclusion

Printing the W-3 form in QuickBooks Online is a straightforward process that ensures accurate reporting of employee wages and taxes to the Social Security Administration (SSA). By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can set up the necessary preferences, generate the W-3 form, and print it for distribution and filing. Remember to review and verify the data before printing, and comply with the SSA’s instructions for distribution and filing deadlines. With QuickBooks Online, you can efficiently manage your payroll and maintain compliance with tax regulations.

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